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Contextual translation of "www.ombudsman.europa.eu" into English. Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. European Ombudsman - Annual Report 2017 In 2016, the Ombudsman helped 15 797 citizens and opened 245 inquiries. Concerns about lack of transparency in the EU administration accounted for the biggest proportion of the cases. The year also saw the Ombudsman open strategic inquiries and initiatives into key issues, such as how the Commission carries out conflict of interest assessments for its Special Advisers and how the … The year 2015 was an eventful one for the ombudsman institution, as the Ombudsman built on her strategy for greater impact, visibility, and relevance. EU Ombudsman launches investigation into financing of Europe’s largest fossil fuels project The European Investment Bank (EIB) has dangerously downplayed the contribution of the controversial Southern Gas Corridor to the unfolding climate crisis, according to a complaint that prompted the European Ombudsman to open a formal inquiry. Make a complaint about a financial service provider in another EEA country.

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Vad händer sedan då? Internationella Engelska Skolan is today the largest free school organization at the compulsory level (Grundskolan) in Sweden. More than 21 400 students  Har du personalansvar, arbetar med HR eller är ombudsman och behöver förbättra dina kunskaper inom arbetsmiljö? Svensk och europeisk varumärkesrätt - en uppdatering Modern förvaltningsrätt – ur ett EU-rättsligt perspektiv. innehåll. RAPPORTER · NU GRANSKAS · INTERNATIONELLT · Utvecklingssamarbete · Samverkan · EU-samarbete · OM RIKSREVISIONEN. Avfallsplan · Förebyggande av avfall · Skolmaterial · Europa minskar avfallet · Producentansvar · Så blir du Miljönär-vänlig · EU:s gröna giv.

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Grekland fortfarande värst i  som kandiderar till EU-parlamentet. Tillsammans med Åsa diskuterar vi kring hur EU fungerar egentligen, högerextremismens framfart i Europa och vem som  Fackliga ombudsmän är i regel bra mycket bättre än arbetsgivarna på dom här frågorna. Dom hanterar liknande ärenden på daglig basis.

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In 2009, more than one third of complaints that led to inquiries (36%) concerned alleged lack of transparency, including refusal to release documents or information. Welcomes the European Ombudsman’s commitment to the right of citizens to be involved in the EU democratic process, as demonstrated by her organising of the annual conference of the European Network of Ombudsmen in April 2019 on the need to strengthen citizens’ participation in the democratic process; endorses her decision to reply to all those seeking assistance in the language of their The Ombudsman shall be elected after each election of the European Parliament for the duration of its term of office. The Ombudsman shall be eligible for reappointment. The Ombudsman may be dismissed by the Court of Justice at the request of the European Parliament if he no longer fulfils the conditions required for the performance of his duties or if he is guilty of serious misconduct.

These may be lodged by citizens or residents of EU countries or by EU-based associations or businesses. What does the Ombudsman do? The Ombudsman investigates different types of poor administration, for example: The European Ombudsman coordinates the European Network of Ombudsmen How to make a complaint The Ombudsman can help people, businesses or organisations facing problems with the EU’s administration. The Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union, including the European Commission, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament, the Committee of Regions, the Economic and Social Committee and all of EU agencies. The European Network of Ombudsmen The European Network of Ombudsmen consists of over 95 offices in 36 European countries. The European Ombudsman maintains this website to enhance public access to information about the institution and its activities. Our goal is to keep this information as complete, accurate and up to date as possible.
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website (www.ombudsman.europa.eu), including the report on the results of the public consultation. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the institutions, organisations, and individuals who responded to the consultations. Their input made a real difference to the Statute of the European Ombudsman P6_TA(2008)0301 European Parliament resolution of 18 June 2008 on the adoption of a decision of the European Parliament amending its Decision 94/262/ECSC, EC, Euratom of 9 March 1994 on the regulations and general conditions governing the performance of the Ombudsman's duties (2006/2223(INI)) (2009/C 286 E/50) European Ombudsman - Annual Report 2018 In 2016, the Ombudsman helped 15 797 citizens and opened 245 inquiries. Concerns about lack of transparency in the EU administration accounted for the biggest proportion of the cases.

EuroVoc concepts. Se hela listan på ec.europa.eu The 2014 annual report on the activities of the European Ombudsman contains information on the implementation of the Ombudsman's new strategy, ‘Towards 2019’. The strategy places emphasis on the strategic issues of EU public administration, such as transparency and accountability of the institutions and agencies of the European Union.
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Särskild rapport till Europaparlamentet utarbetad i enlighet

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Last Minute: The European Ombudsman is publishing a one-year traineeship in the field of web development in paid for one year! It starts back in March!