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exp (x) function compute the exponential value of a number or number vector, e x. > x <- 5 > exp (x) # = e 5 [1] 148.4132 > exp (2.3) # = e 2.3 [1] 9.974182 > exp (-2) # = e -2 [1] 0.1353353. To get the value of the Euler's number (e): > exp (1) [1] 2.718282. > y <- rep (1:20) > exp (y) Terry Therneau wrote: > Is the matrix exponential available in some package?

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> x <- 5 > exp (x) # = e 5 148.4132 > exp (2.3) # = e 2.3 9.974182 > exp (-2) # = e -2 0.1353353 To get the value of the Euler's number (e): > exp (1) 2.718282 The exponential of a matrix is defined as the infinite Taylor series exp (M) = I + M + M^2/2! + M^3/3! + … For the "Pade" and "Taylor" methods, there is an "accuracy" attribute of the result. It is an upper bound for the L2 norm of the Cauchy error expm (x, *, order + 10) - expm (x, *, order). The exponential of a matrix is defined as the infinite Taylor series expm (A) = I + A + A^2/2! + A^3/3! + (although this is definitely not the way to compute it).

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Re: [R] matrix exponential cls59 Wed, 30 Sep 2009 19:07:02 -0700 Kon Knafelman wrote: > > > Hi Guys, > > Im trying to find the exponential of a matrix. > > Can someone please help me … Efficient calculation of the exponential of a matrix.

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> > Can someone please help me do this? > > Thanks a lot > > A Matrix is created using the matrix() function. Syntax. The basic syntax for creating a matrix in R is − matrix(data, nrow, ncol, byrow, dimnames) Following is the description of the parameters used − data is the input vector which becomes the data elements of the matrix.

+ (although this is definitely not the way to compute it). The method for the dgeMatrix class uses Ward's diagonal Pade' approximation with three step preconditioning. where we have de ned the \matrix exponential" of a diagonalizable matrix as: eAt= Xe tX 1 Note that we have de ned the exponential e t of a diagonal matrix to be the diagonal matrix of the e tvalues. Equivalently, eAtis the matrix with the same eigenvectors as A but with eigenvalues replaced by e t. For non-diagonalizable matrices, you have the same capabilities as package expm (incidentally, I use it in Matpow's code). To the best of my knowledge, it currently is the most comprehensive R package that exists to deal with matrix exponentiation. Version 3.0 extends capabilities to (some) non-diagonalizable matrices too.
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av M Felleki · 2014 · Citerat av 1 — Other residual variance models than the exponential. 42. 7.8 Vector of hat values, the diagonal of the hat matrix Patterson, H. D. & Thompson, R. (1971). It assumes knowledge only of basic calculus, matrix algebra and elementary as those included in R. The programs in ITSM2000 however are menu-driven  A new modified generalized Laguerre operational matrix of fractional integration Hermite [26], and exponential Chebyshev [27]) or to semi-infinite interval as of (N) algebraic equations for the unknown Fibonacci coefficients ar, r = 1,2, ,N. Camilla Eriksson och Emelie Berggren.

(1 t. ∫ t. 0 ln S(u)du. ) Matrix Computations.
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. , respectively.

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On all current R platforms IEC 60559 (also known as IEEE 754) arithmetic is used, but some things in those standards are optional. In particular, %*% for matrix multiplication. Examples Details. exp and log are generic functions: methods can be defined for them individually or via the Math group generic..